We embrace the process of transformation in Christ

Both in ourselves and in others

Through the practice of Centering Prayer.

Prayer Groups:

V=Virtual *=In Person




Contact Phone or Email

Virtual Monday 8:00 am Marianne and Tom Davis tomd6220@gmail.com
St John's Episcopal
700 High Street
Worthington, Ohio 43085
Monday 1:00 pm Teri Foley-Nelson foleynelson1@sbcglobal.net
Virtual Monday 7:00 pm Fr. Vinny McKiernan rbrtgorman@gmail.com
Virtual Tuesday 10:30 am Carol Lepley
Adele Sheffieck
Carol - 614-561-2359
Adele - 614-245-8100
Virtual Tuesday 12:15 pm Fr. Vinny McKiernan bonnieweavermiller@gmail.com
Virtual Wednesday 8:00 am Bob Gorman rbrtgorman@gmail.com
Saint Stephens
Episcopal Church - OSU
30 W Woodruff Ave
Columbus, OH 43210
Wednesday 8:00 am Jamie Massa jamiesusanmassa@gmail.com
Virtual Thursday 8:00 am Kathleen Gorman rbrtgorman@gmail.com
Virtual Friday 8:00 am Mariann and Tom Davis tomd6220@gmail.com

If you would like to receive the Zoom link for the any of the above sessions, please sign up below and then contact Tom Davis at tomd6220@gmail.com

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